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Vegan & Animal Rights Message Totes


When you walk down the street, you want not only to look pretty but also show people what you stand for and spread the message you care about. I found vegan and animal rights message totes really good for doing that. 
Pick you favorite!

1. In The Soulshine / Go vegan Babe / $49 AUD

This is a nice denim bag from vegan brand In The Soulshine. The bag is ethically made in Bali with Vegan inks. Stonewashed for vintage look.


2. Alba Paris / We can do it! / $22.99

"We can do it! Go vegan" is a very good message, because we really can:) 

3. Alba Paris / We can do it! / $22.99

This is the same tote but with a woman now. I personally couldn't choose which one I like more, so I kept both.

4. In The Soulshine / Be kind to every kind / $49 AUD

I love this phrase, it is my motto. Let's encourage love and compassion to every living being.
The bag is ethically made in Bali with Vegan inks.


5. Vegan Supply Co. / Be The Change / $26

Many people think that one person can't change the world. But actually all changes that have ever happened in the world had started from one person. You can be the change!
This bag by Vegan Supply Co. is made in America from 100% bull denim woven cotton. 10% of all proceeds go to helping the animals at Kindred Spirits Farm Sanctuary.

6. Wholesome Culture / The Best Things In Life Are Cruelty-Free / $17.95

There is no need to harm animals for food, clothing, science, entertainment etc. We can have everything we want without exploiting other beings (human and nonhuman animals). Best things in life are cruelty-free.
Wholesome Culture's bag is made from economical reusable cotton. 


7. LUSH /Fighting Animal Testing / $12.95

LUSH is the cosmetic brand that promotes cruelty-free lifestyle. They never test on animals or use ingredients that are tested on animals. With this tote bag you will carry a powerful message.


8. Vegan Police / I Don't Eat Pals / $22

This tote has a very clear message: I don't eat pals. I think it's nice to do grocery shopping or travel with such message.

Love animals and stand up for them!
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