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10 Brands That Went Fur-free

Global fashion leaders go fur-free


1. Stella McCartney

A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. 
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The world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer (Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter, the Outnet and, adopted a fur free policy that excludes all items and accessories made from animal fur. 
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3. Armani

One of the world’s best known fashion designers who is credited with pioneering red-carpet fashion, committed to the policy after working with The HSUS and the Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of 40 animal protection organizations in 28 countries working to end the fur trade.
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4. VF Corporation (The North Face, Timberland and Vans)

The global leader in branded lifestyle apparel VF Corporation no longer uses materials of extreme animal cruelty such as fur, angora or exotic leather.
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5. Vivienne Westwood

The renowned British designer—who is credited with pioneering modern punk and new-wave fashions and who helped create the avant-garde look of the Sex Pistols back in the day—decided to ban fur from her lines in 2007.
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6. Calvin Klein

In the early 90s, there was a significant shift in the industry as fashionistas began to shun furs. In 1994 US label Calvin Klein publicly announce they would stop using furs.
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7. Hugo Boss

The Germany-based global fashion giant committed to the policy after working with The HSUS and The Fur Free Alliance. The policy came into effect with its 2016 Fall/Winter collection.
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8. Tommy Hilfiger

In 2007, citing ethical reasons for their decision, Tommy released a statement saying:
“Starting immediately, the company will cease development of any product containing fur, and any fur garment already in production will be phased out of sales channels by the delivery of the spring 2008 collection.”
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9. Inditex Group (Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Pull and Bear)

INDITEX is one of the early major fashion companies who joined The Fur Free Retailer program.
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10. Fjallraven

Fjällräven’s approach to animal welfare is detailed in their Code of Conduct, which all of their suppliers must sign. One of the pledge is "We do not use real fur in clothing, accessories or any other products. Instead we use our synthetic alternative, Arctic Fur." 
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Future of fashion is fur-free

Using animal fur is cruel and unnecessary. More than 1 billion animals are killed each year for their fur.
With our voices, our consumer behavior, we can and must stop the cruelty towards animals. 
We will make the future of fashion fur-free.

Tamara RyzhenkoComment