My name is Tamara Ryzhenko, I'm an animal rights activist and fashion model.
When I became vegan in 2015 shopping a cruelty-free fashion was a challenge for me.
I had to read dozens of labels, spending hours to find something cool and animal-free at the same time. 
I felt that it would be awesome to have one platform with all brands I like, but only with vegan options.

Human 21 - curated feed with 100% vegan* womenswear.
I want to share it with you to make your shopping at least a little bit nicer and easier. 

Be human. Go vegan.
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* I'm doing my best to find, verify and share with you only 100% vegan apparel and accessories.
Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee honesty and decency of brands and stores, as well as in rare occasions some products may contain glues with animal byproducts, which is very hard to verify.
If you find out that product is not 100% vegan, please let me know, I’ll take action asap. Thank you for your participation.

If you have any suggestion with items or brands go to Suggest item.

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